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Rixos Mobile phone company was started in the year 1995 in Istanbul, Turkey. In 2002, the company unveiled its new brand identity Rixos Group When it entered the global market and made
Dubai, UAE as it based.
Today we are proud to say that Rixos is one of the leading Global wholesaler and distributors of major mobile phone Brands in the world for consumer and professional market.
100% Brand New, Original Spare Parts WHOLESALE SUPPLIER

Rixos FZE

Rixos group is primarily engaged in the import & export of mobile phones and accessories. Rixos is ISO 9001 Certified company, we maintain strict quality control buy all our stock from genuine and trusted suppliers in order to offer customers with a detailed, comprehensive range of products, all the products go through regular quality control checks to meet our strict standard policy.

100% Brand New, Original Spare Parts

Rixos FZE, through its vast distribution infrastructure, plays a key role in channeling the power of leading-edge technology to the consumer market, with various operating divisions, service centers, sales channels and support teams.
Rixos having branches in Austria, Turkey, UAE , Iraq, China and Hong Kong make it unique from all other companies. We provide our customers the easiest channel to get access to the best quality products through our locally established branches in their own countries. Our central focus is always the needs of our clients,
thus allowing us to rightfully earn their trust and respect.